Specialized Mailbox Reader For Any Mail File Format

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Published On June 17th, 2015
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With the increasing rate of digital crimes, the need for investigation of desktop – based and web – based mailboxes of suspects increased abruptly. In addition to this, the investigators are now also facing a throttling challenge of investigating the mailboxes of mail servers such as Communigate and IceWarp. With advancement of time and technology, the digital forensic investigators are in the need of a versatile and compact solution that may provide them with full ability and advanced standard to dig into the certain email repositories.

The email investigation challenges often swirl around analysis and examination of complex email formats such as; Exchange EDB, Outlook PST, Opera MBS and many more. Among the various upgraded and advanced technologies, touching heights in the IT market, the arena where each and everyone lack is delivering a complete package, an integrated solution that would provide head to toe email forensics and e-discovery solution.

MailXaminer – A Mailbox Reader For Any Mail File Format

MailXaminer is an Email Forensics Investigation software that has been delivering a perfect integrated platform as a mailbox reader program on all the available version of Windows OS.

An Insight of the Software Capabilities

  1. Verified and Validated: – The algorithms embedded in the tool were result of the repeated and detailed R & D of the forensic experts. After being ready as a complete package, it has been tested and verified by a number of forensic experts and expert witness personnels. Thus, the Law Enforcement Officers, Legal Service Professionals and Evidence Examiners can trust on this tool in the context of accuracy as well as legality.
  2. All-in-One Mailbox Reader Program For Any Mail File Format: – Following file formats are being supported by the tool: –
  • Email File Formats
    email file formats are supported by the software. This mailbox reader software allows you to read all the commonly known file formats. These file formats include PST, OST, EDB, MBOX, OLM, MSG, NSF, DBX, IMM, MAILDIR, ZDB, PFC and many more.
  • Desktop Email Clients

This mailbox reader supports the email formats of more than 80+ desktop – based email clients. Email clients are the victim to most of the email forgeries and crooking activities. This mailbox viewer program understands the anatomy of almost all the email clients that includes Microsoft Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird, Outlook Express, The Bat, Sea Monkey and many more.

  • Attuned with the Mail Servers

One of the peculiar feature of the tool includes its compatibility with the mail formats supported by the mail servers. The experts under whose moderation this mailbox viewer software was designed to dig into all the mail formats supported by most of the mail servers and provided the tool with the capability to read each and every format. These mail servers include Communigate, IceWarp, MailEnable and many more.

  • An Advance Mailbox Reader of Web – Based Email Services

Just with fewer clicks, you can download this mailbox reader program that has the caliber to traverse and provide a view of the mailboxes of all the web – based email services. These cloud – based email services include Gmail, Google Apps, Hotmail, Office365 and many more.

  • Read Image Files
    Image files such as E01, DD and DMG can also be read via this advanced tool. The feature of viewing and reading the Image files often comes into use to the forensic investigators during their complex investigations.
  1. A Mailbox Viewer Tool For Windows OS

This mailbox reader program can be downloaded and used on all the available versions of Windows OS including the latest Windows 8.1. The software supports both the 32 bit and 64 bit Windows OS versions.

  1. Loaded with Key Features

In addition to the above mentioned capabilities, the software provides loads of other features too, such as skin tone analysis to read and detect emails that have obscene images as attachments, link analysis to dig out the relation among various suspects, and humongous advanced search mechanisms to locate and carve evidence from emails from every angle.
To get a detailed overview of this email forensics tool, you can make use of the demo version. Get the demo version by filling the download form.