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Investigate Turnpike Client Emails

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A Turnpike Email client first appeared in 1995 and developed by Chris Hall and Richard Clayton for Email and News communication. But later it is acquired by Demon Internet Organization. Various versions are available of Turnpike and Version 6 is the latest version of Turnpike. But now Turnpike service not supported by Demon Broadband Company. This email client uses Berkeley Mailbox Format to export and to import messages.

Benefits of Turnpike Email client

Various Internet Protocol supported by the Turnpike Email Client such as IMAP4, SMTP(Simple Mail Transfer Protocol), POP3, & NNTP(Network News Transfer Protocol). An NNTP protocol used for transporting the News article, reading & posting article by users. Also, offers Encrypted data format & use “regular search expression” to find desired messages but not used the indexed search option.

User can go for Spell checking and the Signature option to modified messages. Turnpike supports jpeg, gif, .bmp image format but not the .png file format. Turnpike still supports the latest Windows 10 version but only 32-bit format and does not support other Operating systems such as Linux, iOS etc.

Export file format for Forensic Analysis.

A Berkeley Mailbox format used by Turnpike Email client to export and import emails. It is Text file format, which stored all messages concatenated in single .mbox file format. As Turnpike Email not supported by Demon Broadband. A user can migrate the emails stored in email client to .mbox file format So that it can be used in other Email client supports MBOX file format. To export all email,

To export all email, a user to follow some manual steps, which are mentioned below.

1. Open Turnpike >> Select Menu bar >> Tool option >> “Search Messages”.
2. User Desired messages or Select all messages(using CTRL + A)c commands.
3. In File menu >> Select Export option.
4. Browse the Destination to save the exported emails in “Berkeley Mailbox Format”.
5. Click on Save Option. [Time of Export process calculated on the number of emails].

Note: User can view the file saved in Destination Path

turnpike mailbox
Now user can import this MBOX file format into other mailbox supported email clients using their Import wizard option or other importing techniques. Automated solution are also available to search the illicit or suspicious data stored in messages. Various Email Forensic tool supports the format of Turnpike email client. Using different search patterns, smart review options, Expert can examine each email properly and if they found any changes in original data.

Final Obeservation

To examine the details of Turnpike messages, a Forensic investigator can extract the messages information in emails format by exported them into Berkeley File format and import them into a forensic tool to examine the emails messages details according to the investigation. In this work, Mailxaminer Forensic Analysis tool can be used to inspect any suspicious details. The tool supports 20+ Emails file format including the MBOX file format of Turnpike and 80+ Email clients. To save the report of investigation, an expert can save them into different legal supporting documents. Even convert them into another file format rather than only MBOX format.