Export Options – MailXaminer Tool

MailXaminer | January 4th, 2018 | Forensics

Ways of forensic investigations have changed considerably than the conventional methods of crime detections. They are now much more technical. With technology being fused into forensic science, the Forensic analysis tool proves to be a powerful solution in this regard. The tool can help generate the final cyber forensic report or the production of evidence report in formats that are well recognized by the judicial system as factual evidence. Once the digital forensic analysis is completed, reports are generated based on e-discovery process and they have to be produced before the court of law as evidence. These reports should be in court-validated and forensically-sound formats, which cannot be tampered in any way while the case proceeds.


Paralegals may require the evidence be produced in a different format like the PDF format while the reviewers may need the information in Personal Storage Table or PST format or any other legal authority may need in some other format to support their argument. So, the same data might be needed in different formats, for which the MailXaminer tool can help in exporting that data in required formats through different export options. The case evidence can be reproduced in various report formats approved by paralegals as the format for reporting. The video explains these export options and the process of exporting data in different formats for legal use in civil and criminal cases.