Know the Difference Between Scanning Document and OCR

MailXaminer | May 15th, 2020 | Forensics

Ever wondered the procedure that runs behind OCR and scanning technology. Many times, users get confused with the terms scanning and OCR. Both OCR and the scanning technologies are different which works based upon its features. Moreover, these two technologies help an investigating officer to navigate the data which can be potential evidence in cybercrime. As a result, we have come up with the post to shed light on the concept of scanning and OCR technology in an understandable manner.

What is the Difference Between Scanning & Optical Character Recognition?

  • Scanning
    It is a process in which the software reads the data and indexes the same. Moreover, indexing the data helps to arrange the data in a systematic way. This will also ensure to easily examine the data when there is bulk data to be analyzed.
  • OCR
    It scans the images which comprise text data or keywords in it. OCR will generate the digital document in the editable format through character reading. It will easily transfer large amounts of information from paper to database or electronic records. OCR generates digital documents faster than the normal keyboard inputting method. It avoids the manual editing errors that occur during the keyboard data entry.

An All-Rounder Solution to Smartly Examine Image Files

While examining files from different email applications, it becomes a troublesome task to analyze images that may contain evidential data. For that, availing automated solution such as MailXaminer is the best option as it allows to examine emails and its attachments through OCR (Optical Character Recognition) and scanning technology.

The software works in a manner wherein it performs the scanning of the added evidential files in which the software scans through the data and indexes it. This is followed by fetching the artifacts from email attachment files through OCR technology. By this, it helps to acquire relevant artifacts that are associated with the occurred computer crime.

How to Perform Analysis of Files Using OCR (Optical Character Recognition) Technology?

Below-mentioned is the process to recognize and analyze data from the image files with the help of OCR technology that is incorporated in MailXaminer Email Examiner Software.

  • To avail OCR technology, the settings need to be changed within the software panel. For that, go to Options >> Settings >> Processing Options

Scanning and OCR

  • Under the Processing Options tab, go to Index Settings and mark the checkbox corresponding to OCR option and click on Save

Process Settings

  • The software will provide a Complete Preview of the files in the interface

Preview Scanning Document and OCR

  • Using the Search feature, type the specific keyword to find it from email’s attachments such as DOCX, PDF, PNG, JPEG, etc.

Search Optical Character Recognition

  • After which, the tool will display all the Matching Results with respect to the input data

Display Matching Results

  • Upon clicking the resultant file, it will showcase the Preview of the file to view the details.

Scanning and OCR: Now, No More Confusion!

After discussing the major difference between the OCR & scanning technology from the above section. Now, you can easily understand about Scanning technology which scans and indexes the data in an organized manner. Whereas, the OCR technology is used to generate the digital document in an editable format and help users to deal with text present in the image which is printed, typed or handwritten. While implementing the investigation process, it is suggested to make the best use of MailXaminer. The software permits to examine uneditable files like PDF, JPEG, PNG using OCR technology.