Concordance DAT File Format – Save Evidence Report Details

MailXaminer | October 20th, 2020 | Forensics

Concordance load file is used to import electronically stored data into the Concordance database. It is a delimited text file with .dat file extension, which contains the metadata of the document and related OCR data for the record. In a digital forensic investigation, a concordance database is used for the legal proceedings. It allows accessing the evidential files remotely during the court proceeding. Concordance DAT file format is easy to access with the help of any text editor. In other words, one can easily open and view these files using a text editor like notepad, or any file supported software.

Concordance DAT File Format

In some court proceedings, an evidential file in the DAT file format is needed for the admissibility of the court. So email forensic software i.e., MailXaminer provides an option to convert evidential email files into Concordance file format in an easy way. In this blog, the reader will go through the features of the DAT file, and the procedure to convert evidential files into Concordance file format using MailXaminer.

Key Features Associated with Concordance DAT File

DAT files have delimited fields of the information related to the name and locations of image files, document unitization, and other documents. The information represents using the field separator, string delimiter, and newline placeholder. Concordance is a standardized file format, mostly used in litigations. It uses a simple and flat-file database DAT files. It is one of the common file formats that is widely used in the litigation support industries and legal information technologies. It can be used to transfer and exchange data load between vendors, clients, etc. Some highlighted features of the DAT file, given below:

  • It provides easy management for high volume of documents collected during the forensic case investigation.
  • A wide range of documents is supported.
  • DAT file includes all the metadata associated with emails & attachments.
  • It provides the location path for extracted images that the database can link with their corresponding document.
  • Concordance can provide remote access during the case proceedings in the courtroom.
  • The DAT file format may integrate with different litigation technologies.
  • Coded document information & OCR file information is included for associated documents that can be helpful in the investigation process.

Open and Analyze Database Using MailXaminer

The analysis of the Outlook PST file help investigators to obtain information related to Outlook emails. MailXaminer, which is an advanced Digital Forensics Tool allows opening and examining the Outlook PST files in different views such as Normal Mail, Hex, Properties, Message Header, MIME, Email Hop, HTML, RTF, Attachments, and Word Cloud. During the digital forensic investigation, each view provides different and hidden information related to the email.

Save Information in Concordance DAT File Format

Generation of Concordance load file corresponding to the desired email data file is possible through the Export option of the MailXaminer. To save the required email data in DAT file format is not a tough task with MailXaminer. Users can select any number of email files by tick marking the box corresponding to emails and then select the Export option. The tool will provide several Output file formats including Concordance to export selected files. There are following steps to export evidence email files into Concordance file format –

Step 1: Firstly, open the “Mail” section of the software. In the “Email” tab, users can view all the email files scanned within the added evidential file


Step 2: Users can select any number of email files to export or convert the email files into the Concordance file format. For this, select the emails by marking the checkbox corresponding to email and then, right click on the selected email. A list of several functions will display wherein you need to select the “Export” option to export selected files


Step 3: An “Export Options” pop up window will display. Select “Concordance” as Output Format. Users can also provide any Job Title and Destination Path to save the resultant file. Then, click on “OK”

Export Concordance DAT File Format

Step 4: In case, if the complete folder is required to be exported, user can also select and export complete folder. Through the “Export” button of MailXaminer, the bulk exportation of Outlook PST file into a Concordance file is possible.

Export Report


Concordance DAT file is the database file that can be used to import the electronically stored data to the Concordance database for the legal procedure. MailXaminer is a Digital Forensic Software Tool that allows us to examine the Outlook PST file and generate a Concordance load file through the “Export” option. Users can easily open the Concordance DAT using any text editor or other Concordance file supporting software.