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Using Mailxaminer Tool – Case Creation and Processing Options Explained

MailXaminer | Modified: 2017-12-22T14:54:19+05:30|Forensics | 2 Minutes Reading

MailXaminer, one of the most recognized names in emails forensics, tracks down all data transactions done via email to help define the digital footprints that have led to a crime. This is a unique tool that helps to simplify email investigations by aiding in the retrieval of even scrapped emails from the mischievous mailboxes.

MailXaminer has all the features need to helps investigators with thorough email search terms and Case Creation. The following video will give you a quick overview of the setup process so that you can get started quickly with your investigations.

The video explains the following steps in detail:

  • Open MailXaminer tool
  • The initial screen gives two options, either to open an existing case or start a new one.
  • Clicking on ‘Create a New Case’ takes you the ‘New Case’ window
  • Refer to the video below to fill the information in the relevant boxes and click ‘Add’
  • ‘Settings’ Window appears, again you can refer to the video link below to fill and finally click ‘save’ button.



When the parameters are set correctly in the MailXaminer tool, it is possible to screen data elements in many forms such as emails, email attachments, Skype messages, chats, SMSs, and including PDF and other document types. External and secure links to a particular data element can also be established using the MailXaminer link analysis tool, which will help find any missing links once your investigation begins.

MailXaminer even has an integrated calendar to clearly display the timelines of the digital transactions, their repeat occurrences, and even report the time frame for each event in chronological order. All-in-all, this is a comprehensive email examining tool helping to perform email investigations with time-saving efficiency.

Forensic Email Investigation is an integral part of several organizations. With technology reaching the grassroots of the business landscape and becoming a crucial part of the digital ecosystem fostering unimaginable results, cybercrime is a constant concern for any modern organization. In the wrong hands and without the proper monitoring anyone has the potential to cause headaches and expensive setbacks for your business that are easy to avoid with MailXaminer.