News SysTools Represented MailXaminer in AISS in December 2021.

Asia’s leading investigating agency uses MailXaminer to protect Software Piracy

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Software piracy is one of the biggest problems that world IT industry is facing. The problem is more evident in the Asian countries than the western countries. One of the leading manufacturers of software products recently came across similar violation in an Asian country and reported the matter to the investigating agency in that country.

Based on the initial report, the law enforcement agency caught the offender and seized various electronic artifacts such as laptop, workstation, hard disk and external drive.

Further investigations was carried out with the offender and it was found that the modus operandi used by the offender was to use hundred’s of email account created on popular webmail provider. The offender would use one of these accounts to negotiate the deal with his customers.

The challenged faced by investigating agency was how the evidence stored in the form of email within those hundred’s account can be acquired in a manner which is accepted by the court of law. The issue was

  1. Data acquisition from webmail a/c

  2. Determine the evidence specific to the case

  3. Production of evidence in the form accepted by court of law

SysTools MailXaminer came as a rescue for the investigating agency. It supports the acquisition of emails with its various meta information (which is required from the legal perspective) from webmail such as Consumer Gmail, Yahoo, and Hotmail. Once the emails are acquired it provides powerful search capabilities which include regular expression, fuzzy search, stem search and proximity search techniques to search on various keywords as suggested by the investigation agency’s legal attorney. It then allows the selected evidence to get reviewed by the legal attorney to narrow the evidence. Once the evidence is approved, they are exported in legally accepted format.