Manage Case Repository

What is Case Management?

Case repository is created while investigation of case. The action performed can be recorded in the software in the form of case. The case is easily manageable by some option like Create Case, Save Case, Open Case, Export Case, Import Case & Delete Case

How Tool Help to Manage Case Repository

The tool provides basic case management functionality to allow the investigators to manage their case portfolios in an efficient manner. The Case Management functionality is a essentially a package of the following mentioned features


In Beginning of Case Creation

Manage Case Repository
  • New Case: Create New Case in Repository.
  • Open Case: Open the existing case from case directory.
  • Import Case: Import case shared by your legal audiences.
  • Save Case: Save case after completion of Invesigation process.
  • Close Case: Close the current case opened in software currently.

Export & Delete Case

Export or Delete Case
  • Export Case: Export the Case in .case format.
  • Delete Case: Delete the case from directory of software.



To know how to manage case repository.