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Perpetual License Model (*)

  1. For the first year of the subscription, the perpetual license entitles its users to download all updates to the software and to receive technical support.
  2. After the one year period ends, the user can choose to remain with the last version downloaded or to purchase a 1 year Updates & Support package, for just 50% of the license price.
  3. There are no penalties for letting Updates & Support lapse for a while before purchasing an annual package.

Single User License

$ 1600

Dongle Based License

$ 2000

Compare Plans
  • Limited Access Of 15 Days only
  • Single Case Creation Permitted
  • Add Only 2 Files Of Each Type per Case
  • Load File Sized Only Up to 2 GB
  • Only 10 Files Per Case Permitted
  • Only 50 Items Export Permitted
  • Analyze only 5 suspected attachments per category
  • Approved For Unrestricted Usage
  • Generate Multiple Cases
  • Load Files Without any Limit
  • Add Massively Sized Files
  • Endlessly Add Distinct File Types
  • Export Limitless Particulars
  • Analyze complete suspected attachments

What Flexible Model (*) Offers

  1. This model allows the user to have a flexible mode of payment, wherein the client needs to pay per usage.
  2. Pay a one time registration fees for the year.
  3. Purchase the license for specified number of months during the year.
  4. Next year pay the renewal amount.