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All the attributes of emails with the MailXaminer can be easily searched, maintained, and saved at desired location of user. Indexing of email item while scanning emails using gives the systematic result of desired properties related to email and its email header. The three modes General, Predefined & Advance Filters helps in finding most appropriate results of Search.

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Search Filters

  • General Searching: This mode allows user to search email by header properties like Subject, To, Cc, Bcc, Creation date, Modification date etc.
  • Predefined Search: In this mode user can search email by particular categories & their corresponding sub categories like phone number, Credit card number, URL, Postal Code, Country, Date & Time etc.
  • Advance Search: Advance Search filters have categories of General Filters that has string data type. Starts with, Ends with & Contains are the other filters that work in conjunction with General Filters
Search Filters by header properties

General Search Filter

  • Search in Mail Body
    Search important evidence list from the mail body which leads to digital forensic recovery of electronic data.
  • Search within Attachment
    Attachment can easily search and the internal data, its formats, and other details can be found easily.
  • Desired Criteria Creation
    This forensic analysis toolkit can analyze, examine and search email by Subject, From , To, Cc, Bcc, Creation, Modification, Received, Send Date, Sender, Receiver name, body criteria.
  • Received/Sent Dates
    Date when receiver receives the mail from sender. This may be an important clue for forensic expert.
predefined search

Predefined Search Filters

Going for the tab indicating predefined search options user get the chance to select the category and sub category of filters that can be added to search within mails.
  • Select Category
    User can scroll within the category to be defined to search emails from the personal identifiers, including Phone numbers, Addresses, URLs, Postal Code, Personal Identifiers, Date and Time, Product keys, Others etc. Each option selected will give further specification to make it exact match for the search initiated.
  • Select Sub Category
    In order to make it an effort to search exact emails from bulk emails available, user can select the sub category of predefined items which include, Credit card numbers, Visa Card number, National Insurance Number, Vehicle Identification Number, IP Address, Mac Address, Country, MD5 Hash Value, Discover Card Number.

advance search

Advance Search Filters

Selecting the search action, user will get the advance filters to customize the data analysis process as the Advance tab gives the options for adding filters accordingly.

  • Email Property Search
    User can select the options to search emails within the email properties like Subject, To, From, Body, Bcc, Cc.
  • Search with other credentials
    User can search particular emails specifying the credentials like Starts with, Ends with and Contains.
  • Customize selection
    User can go for the customized option of NONE, OR, AND under the tab provided to make it truly advance filter to search email data.

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