How to Add Complete Evidences into Bookmark List

Bookmark Option – Select the option to bookmark the emails that are found important and notable in future. This option help to analyze particular emails in special folder named Bookmarks. The evidence that is opted from Mails, Media (attachments), Search Result and Keywords can be added to Bookmark folder.

Step 1: Select & Bookmark Mails or Attachments

Step 1(a): Bookmark Emails from View Section of Mails

Bookmark Emails
  • Go to "Mails" section to View mails
  • From the Mail section, select the email(s) required to bookmark & seem as suspected evidence. After selecting email click the upper panel navigation option that is "Bookmark".

Step 1(b): Bookmark Attachments from Media Section

Bookmark Attachment
  • Go to "Media" section to View attachments.
  • Select the attachments & add in bookmark list by clicking the Bookmark option.

Step 1(c): Bookmark Search Results

Add Search Results in Bookmark
  • Go to "Search" section to search for the required evidences.
  • Select required evidence from Search Result & add into Bookmark list.

Step 1(d): Bookmark the Keyword Search Result

Bookmark Keyword Search Result
  • Move to "Keywords" section.
  • Selected keyword based search result can also be bookmarked in similar way.

Step 2: Preview Bookmark

Preview Bookmark
  • Click on "Bookmarks" section.
  • Now preview the Bookmark section in which evidences are added from Mails, Attachments, Search Results & Keywords.

Step 3: Perform Operations on Bookmarks

Export, Delete or Share Bookmark Evidences

Now perform following operations on Bookmarked evidence by right clicking on evidence:

  • Export Bookmark: Mark your selection & export the selected mail or attachment in required format.
  • Delete Bookmark: Similarly delete unnecessary bookmark(s).
  • Add Comment: Comment can be added in the selected bookmark as a note for the future purposes.
  • Send for Review: Bookmarks can be sent for review to other investigators or agencies via mail, via shared location or smart review option.