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MailXaminer email recovery software extends its help in the field of cyber crime investigation by maximizing the global access of Email format & protocol. With the IMAP protocol support, it can scan any cloud based email client as well.

Cybercrime Email Recovery  Recover Lost Emails

The whole folder of E-mail can be easily recovered with this forensic tool which gained the fame for MailXaminer as the perfect mail recovery software. The forensic email recovery software support scanning of web based email clients like Yahoo, Gmail, Google Apps, Hotmail & all the IMAP supported client. It also scan the desktop based clients file formats like Outlook (PST), Microsoft Outlook for Mac (OLM), Lotus Notes (NSF), Eudora (MBX), MBOX, Exchange offline storage (OST), IncrediMail (IMM), Mozilla Thunderbird, Sea Monkey, The Bat (TBB). Once scanned, user can preview the E-mail and its header with this forensic email analysis software. The different formats of email which cyber experts can access on MailXaminer platform are given below:

Desktop based Email Client

Forensic Email Recovery

Web based Email Clients

Forensic Email Recovery

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