Export Recovered Evidences from Mails & Attachments

export email evidenceMailXaminer has changed the opinion of cyber forensic expert after its launching. This relieved our forensic expert to collect legal proof of emails while forensic email evidence recovery procedure. The solution provided by this email investigation tool support wide range of facility like create a new case, Add multiple email format as evidence,  View different hidden codes of email and attachment, Filtered Search etc. These are the main requirement that make the cyber crime forensic evidence investigation complete.

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Export option: The beneficial angle of the MailXaminer forensic evidence tool is its portability in four formats through which email evidence export into EML, MSG, PDF and HTML. The email evidences that export into PDF help in maintaining hard copy of evidence. With the export email evidence option of this email investigation tool export attachment evidence also.  The forensic email tool provides export option in the following field:

Export from Email evidences: Export the current or selected email evidence in the mail field. The mail evidence can be migrated into MSG, EML, HTML and PDF format with the desired naming convention

Export from Evidence: In the field of evidence, export button provide the same functionality with the user named file in the EML, MSG, HTML and PDF format

Export Attachment Evidence: The attachment evidence can also be easily exported into respective file format.

Export Search Results: The filtered results reliably transfer with the export option that makes the management of evidence in PDF, MSG, EML and HTML format.

Following are the output file format in which the emails can be exported:

Naming Convention

  • Concordance Load File
  • EML (Outlook Express)
  • HTML
  • MSG (Outlook single message)
  • PDF (Adobe Reader)
  • PST (MS Outlook) Note: Outlook installation is not required for exporting emails into Outlook PST file type.
  • TIFF (Image)

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Export Message or Header:

  • Export Message: With this option user can export the selected emails into Concordance Load file, Outlook Express email (EML), HTML, Outlook (MSG), PDF, Outlook (PST), & TIFF file format.
  • PDF Setting: While exporting the email into PDF file type you can manage & customize the PDF document like Margin, Paper Orientation & Page size according to your requirement
  • Export Header: In this option user can transfer the header part of email into CSV file type.

Naming Convention after Export Format selection: The following naming conventions are available to increase recognition of new file:

Naming Convention

  • Subject
  • Subject + Date(DD-MM-YYYY)
  • From + Subject + Date(YYYY-MM-DD)
  • Date(DD-MM-YYYY) + From + Subject
  • Date(YYYY-MM-DD) + From + Subject
  • Date(MM-DD-YYYY) + Subject + From
  • Date (YYYY-MM-DD)+ Subject
  • MD5

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Reliable Management before Export:

  • Maintain Folder Hierarchy: The data structure of folder remain unchanged after selection of this option.
  • Create Top Folder:  If this would be selected then the given exported format remain at the top in folder hierarchy.
  • Merge Exported File: This option is selected if user wants to compress the multiple exported file and zipped in order to reduce the original size.
  • Exclude Duplicates: While exporting of email the duplicate emails get isolated & only the non-duplicate items get saved.
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