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evidence listIn the digital evidence recovery field Evidence is important hidden information that found during digital evidence examination like if header is modified by some anti social elements then there may some information that can never be altered, the unmodified info which remain globally unique may become the basis of evidence. Likewise there are many hidden evidences of email which must not be neglected.

MailXaminer play the best role to capture important details and digital evidence forensic collection from the email investigation of captured custodian's data. Collecting digital evidence of cyber crime related to emails become easier using MailXaminer software since this email forensic analysis tool provide a useful option of bookmark which store the important evidence from emails, search results, keywords & attachment. User can customize & perform operation on bookmarked evidence.

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How to Add Evidence List

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Add Evidence from Mails

While digital evidence examination in Mail section if cyber security expert consider some facts of current email important that can be proved useful in cyber crime investigation then it may be needed to select that particular mail and bookmark it then use the Add to evidence option which saves the evidences in database.

Users can click on "Mails", then select mails for adding emails in evidence list using by "Add To Evidence List" option.

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Bookmark Evidence from Attachments

Not only email play important role in evidence collection but also the attachment of email helps in digital evidence recovery. The attachment can also be added in evidence list with the navigation in attachment option of software. View and select attachment that seems to be evidence and then add also it in evidence list.

From the emails, user can bookmark the particular email for future reference. Bookmark feature is one of the most powerful feature for the cyber experts for managing evidence & creating evidence list.

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Bookmark Evidence from Search Result

The search engine of email investigation tool search evidence with respect to the added criteria in it. The found result can also be added in the list of evidence by selecting it and then choosing the Add evidence button Possible Action in Evidence field: With the selection of evidence and the right click on it explore the four possible operation in the drop down menu which.

After searching mails, if you find evidence, then you can click on "Add To Evidence List"

and get all evidence by search.

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Bookmark Keywords Search Result

The added keyword list produces number of mail that contains the keyword. Thus for forensic user it is useful in terms of keyword based searching. Added keyword is easily preview in the application bar with all the properties of emails. So user can add the mail produced after searching keywords into it bookmark list.

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Following Action Perform Of Evidence List

"Export" option": Export the selected or current testimony in PST, Concordance, PDF, HTML, MSG, TIFF and EML format.

For exporting evidence, use export option and export correct & selected evidence.

"Delete" option: Either deletes the current or selected evidence.

In "Delete" Option, You can quickly delete current Items also delete selected items

"Add Comments" Option": Give the additional brief comment about the selected evidence.

"Send for Review" option": Send the evidence via mail or shared location with this option.

In this option, send evidence review file to the investigator either via Mail or via Shared Location.

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